Monthly Massage Membership

Treat yourself to optimal relaxation and invigoration

We are happy to announce our new massage membership program! It is highly customizable and provides our clients with many extra perks:

Membership Benefits:

  • One customized 55-minute or 85-minute massage each month.
  • 10% discount on 1 other spa service per month. Does not include medical services, and may not be combined with other promotions.
  • Courtesy one-time rollover of an unused massage.
  • Refer-a-Friend Bonus: If you refer a friend or family member who signs up for a monthly membership, you’ll receive a second massage FREE during the month they enroll.
  • Complimentary wine every visit as well as Wine & Dessert for your birth month massage.

How it works:

To become our Monthly Massage Member, you must sign up for a 12 month commitment minimum. Then simply book you massage each month and enjoy!

Your Massage Choices

Swedish Massage


Our therapist will concentrate on your superficial muscles to soothe away tension with long, gliding strokes. Swedish massage is the perfect antidote for everyday muscle stress. They are also ideal for blood circulation and lymph stimulation. This type of massage is perfect if relaxation is your top priority. 

Hot Stone Massage


Our massage therapist will use the same strokes in a hot stone massage as they would in a Swedish massage, but with hot stones instead of their hands. The stones allow for more depth and pressure. The feeling of smooth, warm stones on your skin will put you in a serene state while your muscle tension will simply melt away. The hot stone experience is perfect if you want a slightly deeper version of the Swedish massage 

Deep Tissue Massage


Our therapist will concentrate on your body’s connective tissue, making your muscles more supple and flexible. Deep tissue is ideal for athletes and runners because it relieves aches and pains related to muscle overuse or injury rather than day-to-day tension. A deep tissue massage is also great for reducing inflammation.



 Reflexology works by applying pressure on specific pressure points in the  hands and feet. With this technique, it is easy to unblock the energy flow, make you feel calmer and considerably increase your energy level. Working on reflexology pressure points in hands and feet can help to release stress, relieve chronic pain or other conditions affecting the body. 

Membership Pricing

Terms of Service

• 12-month minimum is required. Your membership will run for 12 months and be auto-renewed if you do not cancel at least 7 days before your last billing day.

• You are expected to cancel scheduled appointments at least 24 hours prior to your appointment time. If you do not call/arrive for your scheduled appointment, you will be charged a $25 No-Show Fee, and will lose your monthly massage as well as roll-over eligibility for that month.

• Membership benefits are non-transferable.

• Memberships will be activated upon purchase and you will be billed that same day each month, or the last day of the month if purchase is made after the 28th. 

• Cancelling your membership before the 12 month minimum commitment will incur an early Cancellation Fee equal to half of the amount left on your agreement term. (Ex: if you have 4 months left, you will be charged a 2 month fee).

• Your membership may be frozen for a minimum of 30 days and a maximum of 4 months. You may freeze your membership once during your 12-month contract, and your expiration date will be extended by the amount of time it was frozen for.

• Membership benefits may not be used while your membership is frozen. The freeze will take place from billing date to billing date.

• You may request to freeze by completing a Membership Freeze Form during your next visit.

• Members are required to notify the office of any change in credit card information on file prior to the next electronic funds transfer (EFT) date. Payment failure will result in a $45 Payment Failure Fee.

• MedSpa at Villagio reserves the right to change promotional offer. Any changes made will not affect the terms of the agreement you sign for. Your rate and termination date stay the same.

• You agree to follow clinic rules and regulations. We reserve the right to refuse or discontinue service.