Eyelash Extension

Gives lengths and thickness to your natural eyelahes which enhances the appeal of your eyes.  Eyelash extensions need to be applied professionally to blend with your natural eyelashes.  For special occasion, everyday wear, or for natural look and feel, eyelash extensions are the way to give your natural eyelash great extensions with a natural look. Eyelash extension in Katy are a semi permanent makeup accessory that is available for any occasion.  Eyelash extension in Katy can give your natural eyelashes a blossoming and luscious appearance.   Eyelash extension varies in length but they are usually one-half or one-third longer than your natural eyelashes.  Our quality eyelash extensions are water-resistant and can be worn while you shower, swim or exercise.

We only the highest quality natural Mink lashes. Mink lashes are light-weight and comfortable to wear because the fibres are softer and lighter, and naturally carry a beautiful curl.  Every strand of our mink eyelash extension in Katy are expertly crafted by hand to create a unique and natural effect that no machine or synthetic lashes can imitate. Each fur strand is ultra fine, with the ends tapered off, giving you lashes that are virtually indistinguishable from your own.

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