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No-Needle Skin Beautifying

A remarkable TCA skin treatment without ANY downtime! Introducing the PRX-T33®, a non-injectable biorevitalizer that induce a dermal bio-stimulation without harming the skin. It is not a peel because it does not cause frost, it acts deep within the tissues. It is indicated for men, women and teens as a biorevitalizer of the skin of face and body; treating:

  • hyperpigmentation
  • aging
  • lax, sagging skin
  • sun damaged skin (face, neck, chest, hands, arms)
  • scars
  • melasma
  • acne
  • stretch marks
  • and for the prevention of dermal aging

What to expect from PRX-T33

PRX-T33 helps to smooth lines and wrinkles on the face, neck and décolletage and can even be used on breast tissue to help tighten and firm a sagging chest. Think of it as working from the inside out, stimulating the tissues deep down in the lower layers of the skin without causing any abrasions to the surface. An immediate tightening is seen after treatment with the added benefit of long term tightening and lifting as the collagen cells are stimulated, resulting in firm, taut and healthy looking skin.

The advantages of the PRX-T33 skin treatment:

  • It can be used by everyone of all skin types, including dark skin
  • It is non-invasive
  • No extensive peeling
  • It provides non-ablative (not harming the top layer of skin) chemical stimulation of the dermis
  • without exfoliating the epidermis
  • You may return to daily activities/work/working out without downtime
  • It is absolutely painless
  • It works very well with other aesthetics treatments to enhance results and pro-long results. (Microneedling, PDO threads, PRF)
  • It is not photo-sensitizing, so it can be used all year, including summer, before special events or trip

Visible Skin Benefits

  • Reduces Pore size
  • Reduces Appearance of wrinkles and fine lines
  • Reduces Scarring size and depth
  • Reduces Red stretch marks
  • Smooths and tightens skin on face, neck and décolleté
  • Diminishes age spots, hyperpigmentation, melasma (face, arms, neck, chest, hands)
  • Tightens arms skin, breast tissues, etc.

The results are immediate. Each treatments builds upon the last. 3 – 5 are recommended for best results which can be permanent (individual results do vary).

Can be used before PDO thread lifting, Microneedling, and/or PRF for enhanced lifting and skin rejuvenation.

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